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Juniper Secure Services Gateway - SSG 20 with 2 port Mini-PIM slots, 256 MB memory

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The Juniper Networks Secure Services Gateway20 (SSG 20) is a purpose-built security appliance that delivers a perfect blend of performance, security and LAN\WAN connectivity for small branch office and small business deployments. Traffic flowing in and out of the branch office can be protected from worms, Spyware, Trojans, and malware by a complete set of Universal Threat Management (UTM) security features including Stateful firewall, IPSec VPN, IPS, Antivirus (includes Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware, Anti-Phishing), Anti-Spam, and Web Filtering.

The rich set of UTM security features allows the SSG20 to be deployed as a stand alone network protection device. With its robust routing engine, the SSG20 can also be deployed as a traditional branch office router or as a combination security and routing device to help reduce IT capital and operational expenditures

  • SSG 20: The SSG 20 is a modular platform that delivers 160 Mbps of Stateful firewall traffic and 40 Mbps of IPSec VPN throughput.

The SSG20is ideally suited for branch offices, small to medium businesses and service providers that want a security platform to protect their WAN and high speed internal networks while extending the platform return on investment through high levels of system and interface modularity.

Features & Benefits

Key features and benefits of the Juniper Networks SSG20 include:

  • Purpose-built, high performance platform that delivers WAN connectivity and security, plus the muscle to protect the high-speed LAN against internal network and application-level attacks
  • Proven security and LAN/WAN routing functionality that provides the ability to consolidate devices and reduce IT expenditures
  • Comprehensive set of Unified Threat Management (UTM) security features to protect against network and application level attacks while simultaneously stopping content-based attacks. UTM security features include:
    • Stateful inspection firewall to perform access control and stop network level attacks
    • IPS (Deep Inspection firewall) to stop application level attacks
    • Best-in-class antivirus based on the Kaspersky Lab scanning engine that includes Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware protection to stop viruses, Trojans and other malware before they damage the network
    • Anti-Spam via a partnership with Symantec to block known spammers and phishers
    • Web filtering using SurfControl to block access to known malicious download sites or other inappropriate web content
    • Site-to-site IPSec VPN to establish secure communications between offices
    • Denial of service (DoS) mitigation capabilities
    • Application Layer Gateways for H.323, SIP, SCCP and MGCP to inspect and protect VoIP traffic
  • Combination of fixed LAN interfaces and WAN interface options including RS-232 Serial/Aux, V.92,T1, E1, ISDN BRI S/T, and ADSL 2+
  • Interface and routing flexibility for varying network connectivity requirements and future growth requirements
  • Multiple high availability options with sub-second failover between interfaces or devices
  • Customizable security zones to increase interface density without additional hardware expenditures, lower policy creation costs, contain unauthorized users and attacks, and simplify management of firewall/VPNs
  • Management through graphical Web UI, CLI, or the NetScreen-Security Manager central management system
  • Policy-based management to allow centralized, end-to-end life-cycle management

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